I rarely buy anything full price, but if I do, I like to get something back. I love online retailers than offer incentives and point programs, and I’ve listed a few of my favourites down below.


CDJapan is my favourite retailer of Chikuhodo, Koyudo, and other Japanese brushes that I love. They offer points for various things (e.g., signing up, points per dollar), and you can apply these points as cash on future purchases. The points expire after one year. Shop here using my affiliate link. (Note: I receive a small percentage if you shop through that link.)


Every time you shop through Ebates, you will check cash back from your purchase. Sign up using my referral code. (Note: signing up through that link will give me $5.)

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is one of my all-time favourite indie retailers. They offer a variety of ways to get points (e.g., leaving a review, referring friends) that can be applied as cash on future purchases. You can find them here. (Note: this is just a regular link.)


Check out my review of all things Glossier here. Shop via my link to save 10% and give me $5 store credit.

Mikaela Beauty

Mikaela Beauty is one of my favourite Canadian retailers for Korean skincare. They offer a points program where you can collect points for various tasks (e.g., making an account, leaving a review) and then you can apply the points to save money on a future purchase. Click here to get 10% off your first order of $50 or more. (Note: this will give me 500 reward points.)


Sephora is definitely my most-visited beauty website because they offer such a wide variety of brands. Their points program has received a lot of backlash, but they do offer some great point perks and gifts with purchase if you’re fast enough to grab one before it’s out of stock.  Click here to shop. (Note: this is just a regular link.)

I shop at for some of boutique skincare products. They offer a wide range of other products, including one of my favourite tea brands, Tealish. They also allow everyone to make a referral code to share with their friends (if you have one, please send it to me and I’ll use it next time).  Use the code “TLL” at check-out to get $10 your purchase of $40 or more. (Note: I will also get $10 off if you choose to use my code.)