I started my beauty Instagram account as a place to store reviews and ramblings on various beauty products. I wanted to document everything in my collection as a way to make use of the products I own rather than constantly purchasing every new release. Since I began my Instagram account in September 2015, I have spent significantly less money on beauty.

I began posting on this blog in January 2017 because I was having trouble fitting everything that I wanted to say in 2200 characters on Instagram. I still favour Instagram, but I hope to post more on this blog to help anyone Googling for swatches or a product review that isn’t just a paraphrase of a press release. I am very much a casual beauty enthusiast and I just want to discuss all things beauty. Don’t expect to see rose gold, marble, or millennial pink here.

I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of my face here, so here’s some basic information for reference. My hair is dark blonde, thick, long, and curly. I am super lazy when it comes to haircare. My skin is a warm yellow shade and light; MAC’s NC20 matches me perfectly. I have combination-but-mostly-oily skin that is prone to acne and redness, and is easily irritated. My eyes are blue. I have hooded, uber-oily eyelids with multiple creases. I hope that’s all of the relevant information that you need to know.

If you have any requests or questions, please contact me.