Glossier Lash Slick Mascara: Review and Close-Up Photos

I’ve been wearing Glossier Lash Slick for the past few weeks, and I want to share my first initial review. I’m not a huge Glossier/ITG fan, but I do love natural mascaras and I had some store credit I wanted to use. (Edit August 11th, 2018: Scroll to the end of the post to read my thoughts on the mascara after three months of regular use.)

glossier lash stick mascara tube laying over pink pouch and stickers
Glossier claims that this mascara is “extensions without the extensions.” I think that’s true if (a) you prefer natural lash extensions, and (b) your natural lashes are relatively long, full, and curled. I think this mascara looks good on me, but most mascaras tend to look good on me. Check out my “Mascara” story highlight on my Instagram to see close-up pictures of it in action, including post-cry and at the end of a fifteen hour day. I’ve also included several not-so-glamourous shots below. Click on the photos and feel free to zoom into my pores. Please note that I did not curl my lashes nor did I use primer. After the photos, I’ll talk more about the formula and why you might like or dislike Lash Slick.

Glossier Lash Slick application on eyelashes



photo of eye showing glossier lash slick on eyelashes at end of day

closed eye closeup showing Glossier lash slick after a full workday
Zoom in to see the flakes.

Now, onto the actual review. Glossier claims that Lash Slick is a “fill form” mascara with tiny fibres. This isn’t a tubing mascara in the same way that Wowder isn’t a powder. If you dislike tubing mascaras, I would avoid this.

I am fortunate that I don’t have to worry about my lashes holding a curl. From what I’ve read so far, most people with straight or downward-facing lashes have been disappointed by Lash Slick. If you tend to go for waterproof formulas to avoid droopy lashes, this probably won’t work for you. (Update: I’ve gotten a few hits from Google searches like “does lash slick work on asian lashes” – I can’t answer that from experience, but based on the blog/IG posts I’ve read, Lash Slick does not add or hold a curl.)

close-up of glossier lash slick mascara wand; plastic wand with short teeth
This is not the formula for you if you’re looking for volume. You can fake it by tightlining, but you might want to choose a different mascara if you have sparse lashes. Like most tubing mascaras, it doesn’t layer well – one coat is optimal to avoid that hey-have-you-ever-tried-younique spidery look.

For me, the biggest downfall is that it will flake and smudge a bit throughout the day, especially as I get oilier. It’s not very noticeable and it’s easy to touch up throughout the day, but it’s something to keep in mind. It also breaks down as I break down (everything makes me cry), so I wouldn’t wear this while walking in the snow or rain. If you have dry eyelids, live in California, and have the emotional range of a teaspoon (thanks Hermione), you probably won’t have to worry!

glossier lash slick vs. chiropractor

I also don’t like that the tips of my lashes tend to stick together. I have better results if I wait for my lashes to completely dry after setting spray before applying Lash Slick. With other mascaras, I often have better results when I apply the mascara while still wet.

It reminds me a bit of the Revlon Mega Multiplier mascara I tried from Influenster last summer. It’s also similar to @cliniquecanada Lash Power, but Lash Power survives random cry sessions and a variety of weather conditions. The Lash Slick wand is better for separation than those two. I tend to like rubber wands, though I often manage to stab myself.

The packaging is functional, but not to my taste. My “I’m not like over girls” phase in kindergarten caused me to dislike light pink, and I’ve never really gotten over it. This is the kind of product that will look good on Instagram. It has a typical mascara chemical smell. Note that this is cruelty-free, but not vegan.




(My cat is a Glossier model. Shop through her rep page so she can get the fancy treats.)


You will like Lash Slick if

  • You have relatively long, thick lashes that hold a curl on their own
  • You’re looking for a light, everyday mascara
  • You want a product that is easy to remove
  • You love anything Glossier

You will not like Lash Slick if

  • You want a lot of volume
  • Your lashes tend to droop and you want them to hold a curl
  • You expect your mascara to last in sickness and in health
  • You hate anything Glossier

Overall, I’m surprised by how much I like this mascara. When I’m done this tube, I’ll probably switch back to Lash Power because I cry easily and like to spend time outside when it’s snowing. Would you try Lash Slick? I’d love to hear what you think!

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara flatlay open tube showing wand on pink background


  • I still like Lash Slick and agree with everything I said in this post.
  • After three months, the tube definitely dries out. The fibres tend to stick together and sometimes they end up on my lashes, making them stick together and it can be tricky to get the clump out without making a mess! It’s very annoying. There’s always a large clump at the end of the wand, which makes it hard to get the lashes in the corners of my eyes.
  • One of my favourite bloggers, Sandra, finished her tube in two months! I don’t know if my tube would have lasted three months if I had used it every day instead of 4-5 days per week on average.
  • I am generally in favour of plastic wands, but those spikes are spiky and I have stabbed my eyes too many times. It hurts.
  • I will be going back to my favourite mascara (Clinique Lash Power), but I may repurchase this in the future. This is primarily because Lash Power is a tiny bit better, it’s less messy (no clumps!), and the wand is softer.


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Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Glossier Lash Slick Mascara: Review and Close-Up Photos

  1. “hey-have-you-ever-tried-younique spidery look” 😀 😀 😀

    This is the first Glossier product in a while I’m interested in. I’ve pretty much given up on mascara for daily use because I was so frustrated with how I hated them all, but this is probably going to suck me in. I don’t have impressive lashes, so I’m curious how this will wear on me compared to your gorgeous eyeball fringe. :p


  2. This is the best and most truthful review of Lash Slick I have come across. I think many of the other reviews showed pictures spidery lashes and lashes that were stuck together, yet the reviews were fairly positive….i.e. perhaps they were sucked in. I probably won’t buy Lash Slick as I didn’t like Lash Power (flaked a lot and not inky black), and while I have long and thick lashes, I need the mascara to hold a curl, not flake, and be easy to remove. So far, my 2 favs are Blinc and MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash. Thanks for the honest review.


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