Glossier: An Overview | Best and Worst; Reviews and Ramblings

It’s been just over a month since my first Glossier order arrived, so I’ve compiled my first impressions in this post. If my opinions on anything change, I’ll be sure to update this post and make a note in my Instagram Story. Edit 27/01/18: I wrote an update post on Instagram. I’ll talk about all six products below and I’ll provide links to some other reviews that I’ve enjoyed. I will also talk briefly about my feelings on the brand at the end of this post.


The Products


The Birthday Balm Dotcom was my favourite purchase. I talked about it in this Instagram post. It’s a shimmery balm that smells like cake. It’s not a revolutionary product, but I’ve definitely enjoyed using it.



My second favourite product is Boy Brow. I chose the shade Blond (they spell it without the e), which works for my dark blonde (basically brown since I stopped swimming) hair. I’ve posted several swatch comparisons along with my review in this post, so be sure to check them out if you’re not sure if Blond is right for you. Blond is definitely on the darker side, and it’s fairly neutral in colour (if only it was a little ashier!). You can also get Brown, Black, or Clear.



I love the idea of the Cloud Paint liquid blushes, but they just weren’t right for me. Although they apply nicely, the colour doesn’t last on my cheeks no matter what I do. You may have better results if you don’t have crazy oily skin like me. I think that most of the colours work better mixed than on their own. Find out more and see swatches in my last blog post. Quite a few people on Instagram recommended other liquid and cream blushes to me, and I will be checking those out eventually.



I was disappointed by the Stretch Concealer. This doesn’t really conceal anything and it’s super glossy. I could use this as a highlighter! You can read more of my thoughts on this Instagram post. Make sure you read the comments – several people (aka supermodels) loved this product and had a totally different experience with it. I would only recommend this to people with dry skin who don’t need much coverage. Personally, I prefer to use YSL Touch Éclat as a sheer, brightening concealer.



The Generation G lipstick formula leaves a lot to be desired. Read my review and see swatches here. I chose the shade Zip, a warm red. If you have any suggestions for sheer red lip products, please let me know!



The Milky Jelly Cleanser was the first product I tried after my order came in. Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to it – you can read more about that here. Luckily, Glossier has great customer service and they offered me a refund. The cleanser has rave reviews, so I still think that’s worth trying.



Bonus: I received a sample of the Priming Moisturizer with my order. The foil packet is quite generous and I think you could easily get 2-3 uses out of it. Unfortunately, the product made my face itch soon after I applied it, and then the itching turned into burning and my face turned bright red. I washed it off and my skin was not happy. Anyway, this is essentially a moisturizer. It leaves a bit of a white cast. Make sure you read the ingredient list and patch test before you slather it all over your face.



Edit: As of June 2018, Lash Slick (link to review) is my favourite Glossier product.

Other Reviews

I found these reviews helpful when I was trying to decide if I wanted to even purchase something from Glossier and, eventually, what to order. I always try to read as many reviews as possible (especially negative ones!) so I can determine if a product if right for my skin type and my makeup preferences.



The Brand

Despite my snarky comments on Instagram, I don’t think that this brand is the worst thing ever. As much as I get annoyed by the hype and culture surrounding Glossier, I still think it’s worth trying if that’s your thing.

The way they market their brand really frustrates me. Most product descriptions start off by bashing similar products (“we’re not like other beauty brands”) and claiming that their product is totally revolutionary. No, Glossier. There are other great products on the market. You’re not the first one to invent a lightweight sunscreen or a non-cakey powder. You’re sounding like an infomercial. The Glossier Way® is not the only way. (And honestly, their formulas aren’t that innovative.)

Sometimes they give off the impression that if your beauty regimen isn’t effortless, you’re doing that wrong. I do like simple makeup and I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to beauty (more out of laziness than trendiness), but I don’t like being told what to do. That dewy, off-duty supermodel just doesn’t work for me. I’m not a supermodel – I’m pretty average and my skin has flaws. I want makeup that’s easy to use and will last 12-16 hours on my oily/combination skin. I want to look like a professional, not someone who just waltzed out of the spa.

Glossier has two types of referral systems. There’s the BFF referral program, which all customers are part of. You can get 10% off by shopping through a friend’s link, and they will receive $5 in store credit in return. I love programs like this – it’s nice to help friends/favourite bloggers out. The rep program offers customers 20% off and gives the rep actual commission (up to 30% according to this article). I feel conflicted about this program (and even the BFF program to an extent) because a lot of reps and bffs are extremely aggressive (please don’t DM me on Reddit or Instagram and tell me to use your link). There are so many glowing reviews out there with constant reminders to “shop with me” to the point where I feel turned off the brand. I am happy that people can earn store credit/actual money through sharing their passion, but it almost seems like a cult sometimes. Also, the reps are seriously underpaid for the amount of advertising they do for the brand.

Anyway, that’s just how the brand makes me feel. I get annoyed by petty things like #girlboss and rose quartz (no, it’s millennial pink!) everything. There obviously isn’t anything inherently wrong with identifying with Glossier’s image. You do you. Glossier just isn’t my aesthetic. I’m not cool, and I’m definitely not effortlessly cool.




I’m happy that I was suckered in overcame my initial reluctance and tried the brand. Considering my reactions to the cleanser and priming moisturizer, I do not plan on trying any skincare products from Glossier. I will definitely repurchase the Balm Dotcom and probably Boy Brow. I’m not sure if I’ll try any other makeup because I’m I don’t have the ideal skin type for Glossier products – I’m too oily and I don’t have a supermodel complexion. However, I think I will eventually try Wowder. I’m genuinely excited to see what else the brand comes out with.

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about Glossier?

PS In case you do want to try Glossier and you want to give me $5 towards Wowder, here’s my bff link 😉

5 thoughts on “Glossier: An Overview | Best and Worst; Reviews and Ramblings

  1. Thanks for such an honest review! I still haven’t bought anything yet even though it just launched in Canada. I think as I read more reviews, it didn’t seem as positive as everyone saying. I guess everyone got sucked in by the packaging. Sounds like the Balm is something that many people enjoy though. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading! I originally wasn’t going to buy anything, but I changed my mind at the last minute because I figured I should give them a chance (erm, I wanted to buy makeup). I think that the brand is worth trying if you think it would work for your skin type and typical look, but it’s definitely not a must-try for everyone.

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  2. Thanks for the reviews! I’ve been wanting to try out the Cloud Paints ever since they were released, but the more I see that they’re not long-wearing the more I don’t want them anymore. I’d rather buy a NARS liquid blush. Also, I’m so bummed out that the cleanser gives your skin a bad reaction 😦 I think it’s a really great product, but everyone’s skin is different.

    As for your question, I like certain aspects from Glossier (aesthetic :p and packaging), but the one thing I definitely hate is the referral system. I feel like most of the reps overuse it when they keep reminding me basically everyday that they have a referral link. If they were to announce it maybe every other day then I wouldn’t mind that too much, but the constant reminder gets too repetitive!

    Furthermore, I feel like I’m a little oblivious when it comes to some of the ways companies advertise themselves and their products, especially with what they say, so I currently don’t have anything to say about Glossier when it comes to that category. Although, I have gotten A LOT more exposure from that topic this year, which has been a bit of an eye-opener.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for the reviews, R! They’re very informative. *insert hand waving emoji*

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    1. No problem, thanks for reading! You may have better luck with the Cloud Paints because you have dry skin, but they end up being about the same $/oz as Nars anyway.

      I know what you mean. I like that people can refer friends, but I don’t need daily reminders! I am well aware of who has a bff code/who is a rep. And I hate the expression “shop with me” because we’re not besties going to the mall together. I’ll stop rambling :p

      Glossier’s no-marketing marketing is crazy.



  3. A couple years ago, I caved and bought Birthday Balm Dot Com. For research purposes, I bought the cleanser, glycolic toner, and serum trio. I’ve got acne-prone skin. At 35 years old, I’ve never had a more severe reaction to a product than Glossier skincare. I’ve used over 50 systems through the years and it was the worst by far. So bad that I can’t imagine anyone with any skin benefits from the formulations. A year later, I still think about how awful it was and decided to Google to help identify bloggers who aren’t full of sh*t. Your decision not to use the skincare was smart. Don’t slip!


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