#TheLipPencil: New Lipliners from Bite Beauty

I have been testing out the new lipliners, called The Lip Pencil, from Bite Beauty throughout the month and I am ready to share my thoughts with you. Bite Beauty is one of my favourite brands, so that made my first ever makeup-related VoxBox from Influenster all the more exciting. (I received this products complimentary from Influenster and Bite Beauty for review purposes; all opinions and pictures are my own.)

Here’s what I posted on Instagram when I first received the package:

I’m so excited to test out my first beauty #voxbox from @influensterca @influenster @bitebeauty. #TheLipPencil: it applies nicely, is pigmented, feels creamy, doesn’t dry out my lips, and has (so far) made #TheAmuseBouche last longer than usual. I’ll post a detailed review in a few weeks after I’ve worn each shade a few times. Check out my Instagram Story to see swatches! Cons: the packaging could be better. The bottom of the 044 lipliner arrived broken (the coloured part just falls off). I don’t like either colour on myself (and I already have Honeycomb), so it may take longer than a few weeks to get enough wear out of these to write a review. What do you think about lipliner in general? Will you be trying these? Disclaimer: I received this for free, but all opinions are my own. #bitebeauty #lipliner #influensterca #influenster #contest

A post shared by @truthlackslyricism on Jan 31, 2017 at 10:24am PST


The box contained five items:

  • The Lip Pencil in 020 – a “beige nude”
  • The Lip Pencil in 044 – a “rich mahogany”
  • The Amuse Bouche (mini) in Honeycomb – a beige nude; see my review here
  • The Amuse Bouche (mini) in Whiskey – a “rich mahogany with red”
  • A Sephora brand biodegradable sharpener


Top: 020 swatched on its side then in a squiggly line (Honeycomb is layered over the section on the right); Bottom: Honeycomb

Top: 044 swatched on its side then in a line (Whiskey is layered over the section on the right); Bottom: Whiskey

Overall, I like these. I wanted to love them, but I’ve never really enjoyed lip liner (many are too drying and I don’t like the feeling of too many layers on my lips), and both of these shades clash with my skin tone. For a lip liner, the formula is pretty creamy, although these are slightly drying on the lips. 044 is a bit patchy (more so on the lips than in the swatches below), but 020 is evenly pigmented. I found that these extended the wear of my Amuse Bouche lipsticks and other lip products by two hours on average. I wouldn’t wear one of these on its own, unless you like the look of wrinkly lips. They’re easier and more comfortable to apply than other lipliners in pencil form. I didn’t notice a scent. These retail for $20 CAD at Sephora, which I believe is a fair price for their quality.


The packaging is another reason why I am unlikely to purchase the lipliners. The packaging feels like a step down for Bite, and one of my pencils arrived broken (the coloured part at the end of 044 won’t stay attached). They’re also annoying to sharpen – the product is too soft, so it gets stuck in the sharpener. When I try to remove it with the little stick, the product gets smeared around and makes a mess.

Swatch Comparisons:

Lipliners, from left to right: Kevyn Aucoin in Medium, Bite Beauty 020, Urban Decay Ex-Girlfriend

Unfortunately, I do not own any lipliners that are similar to 044 to compare. I’ll link to some reviews with comparison swatches if I can find some.

Lipstick swatches: Musk, Restina, Honeycomb, Date


The Amuse Bouche: Whiskey (left) and Nori (right)


I will definitely use these when I can to change the tone/depth/shade of lipsticks and slightly extend their longevity, but I am not currently planning on repurchasing other colours.

Have you tried or are you planning on trying The Lip Pencil from Bite Beauty? What do you think of it?

Thank you for reading!

Note: these products were provided complimentary from Influenster and Bite Beauty. If you would like to join Influenster, here is my referral link.

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