The Perfect Bite Set

Although gift sets are often seem like a great deal, they’re only a good deal if the value of the items that you’ll use is greater than the value of the set. It should be obvious, yet I continue to fall for these “deals,” whether I’m at Sephora  or in the grocery store.

However, I still decided to purchase this set from Bite Beauty because

  • I knew I would use at least three of the four colours regularly – they were actually on my wishlist before this set was released
  • I like the Amuse Bouche formula
  • It was a great value ($29 CAD for 4 x 0.05oz.; a full size is $30 CAD for 0.15oz.)


I like the Amuse Bouche formula because it is creamy and hydrating, with a natural/satin finish. My lips dry out easily, especially in the harsh Ottawa winters, and I hate the look of dry, chapped lips. I’ve heard other people complain that the lipstick transfers a lot and slides around their face, but I find that I only have that probably if I eat/drink/kiss something immediately after I apply the lipstick. I would much rather wear a comfortable lipstick that I have to reapply after meals over any other alternative. The colours are rich, pigmented, and unique (especially in the Edgy Neutrals and Sweet & Savoury collections). The brand also has my support for being Canadian and using food grade ingredients. (I would hate to calculate just how much lipstick I eat, but maybe I’ll do that in a future blog post.)

From left to right: Honeycomb, Fig, Pepper, Nori

Honeycomb (part of the Edgy Neutrals collection, but originally in the regular lineup) is a light, warm beige. I have dozens of “my lips but better” colours, yet very few nudes, so I’m glad to have this in my collection.

Fig is a warm, medium pink. I have Fig in the Luminous Creme formula as well, which I like just a bit more because it is slightly more muted in tone even though it has more of a sheen.

Pepper is my favourite shade, a warm mauve. It’s darker and less glossy than the Luminous Creme version, but I like both shades. (I couldn’t find my LC bullet to show a comparison swatch, sorry!)

Nori is warm, deep burgundy. It’s out of my comfort zone, but beautiful nonetheless.

Top: Musk (LC), Restina (LC), Honeycomb (AB), Date (LC) | Bottom: Fig (LC), Fig (AB)

I have one major gripe with these lipsticks: the lipstick extends too far out of the tube, so the tip is in serious danger of getting nicked every time I put the cap on. Other than that, the packaging is nice, typical for Bite Beauty.


All four colours are permanent and currently available at Sephora.

Did you pick up this set? What are your thoughts on Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche line?


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Bite Set

  1. I must say, I actually prefer the luminous creme Fig version instead of the amuse bouche! It’s almost as though the LC version is slightly warmer toned, Beautiful post and I love your pictures!


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