Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème vs. Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

I’ve always loved the idea of liquid lipsticks (long-lasting colour that doesn’t transfer? yes please!), and I purchased several Kat Von D and Stila liquid lipsticks a few years ago when they were the major players on the market. I wanted to love them, but I couldn’t. Sure, it’s nice not having to worry your lipstick wearing…… Continue reading Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème vs. Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

Duochrome Highlighters

I’ve never been the biggest fan of highlighters (#oilyskinproblems), but they’re often too pretty to resist, especially when in duochrome form. They’re also devilishly tricky to photograph. Celestial by Makeup Geek is a gorgeous icy lavender with a luminous to metallic finish depending on application. I wouldn’t call it a true duochrome; iridescent would be a…… Continue reading Duochrome Highlighters

Charlotte Tilbury: Filmstar Bronze & Glow

When I began to hear about the Charlotte Tilbury makeup brand on Reddit and BeautyTalk, I initially thought that it was overhyped. After trying a few products over the past two years, I have found that certain products are indeed overrated (namely the Magic cream and eyeshadow palettes), but several products are surprisingly quite good!…… Continue reading Charlotte Tilbury: Filmstar Bronze & Glow

The Perfect Bite Set

Although gift sets are often seem like a great deal, they’re only a good deal if the value of the items that you’ll use is greater than the value of the set. It should be obvious, yet I continue to fall for these “deals,” whether I’m at Sephora  or in the grocery store. However, I still…… Continue reading The Perfect Bite Set

NARS x Sarah Moon – True Story Palette

The NARS x Sarah collaboration is so beautiful, and I’m happy to have the True Story cheek and lip palette. It contains four powder blushes and a velvet matte lip pencil. It is a very aesthetically pleasing collection. Devotee (repromote) is a slightly frosty, pale white highlighter with a hint of pink. I was worried that…… Continue reading NARS x Sarah Moon – True Story Palette